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The change process is very easy. You don’t need to do anything special beyond informing the existing Accountant so that he can complete any pending tasks for you in time, as well as to pay him the agreed fees for the services he has already provided. According to the Code of Books and Records Law, Article 10, Paragraph 7, it is stipulated that any Accountant-Tax Technician wishing to offer his services to a new client must first receive through a delivery-receipt protocol the following:

(1) The necessary documents and details of the new client as well as a clear statement in the aforementioned protocol that they have been settled, by any agreed method.

(2) The fees for the services that have already been provided by the previous Accountant.

You can easily change the price plan even once billing has begun. You are able to both upgrade or downgrade the plan that you’re currently on. This can be easily done if you want.

Yes, we offer non-disclosure signatures because it is a way to protect private information from becoming public. All information regarding your company is a commercial secret.

We have Return Policies and Refunds. All returns are subject to Return Policies.