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Accounting Services

  1. Accounting services for maintaining single-entry and double-entry books electronically, at our offices or the company’s headquarters, in accordance with Greek Accounting Standards (GAS) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  2. Setup, Startups, Modifications, Mergers, Closures, Liquidations of Companies.
  3. Organization and supervision of company accounting departments.
  4. Implementation and application of Cost Accounting systems.
  5. Preparation of withholding tax declarations (VAT, withholding tax on salaries, corporate income tax).
  6. Adaptation to International Accounting Standards (IAS & IFRS).
  7. Handling all transactions with the Public Authorities (Tax Offices, Social Security Organizations, General Commercial Registry (G.E.MI.), Region and Chambers of Commerce).
  8. Services for taking over the management of accounting departments.
  9. The entry in your Company’s books is carried out by our experienced staff, who hold Class A & B accounting licenses from the Economic Chamber.