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Payroll Services

  1. Collection and Processing of all data for the monthly calculation of your payroll, drafting of your Company’s payroll statements.
  2. Issuing of accounting entries for the updating of your books.
  3. Drafting, printing, and electronic sending of Payment Receipts per employee, with a breakdown of earnings – deductions.
  4. Creation and sending of a file to the bank for depositing salaries into your employees’ personal accounts.
  5. Creation and submission of an XML file for submission to ERGANI (Labor Inspectorate and OAED), annual staff statements, new hires or departures, and amendment schedules.
  6. Registration with IKA (Social Security Organization) as well as Auxiliary Funds, electronic submission of the Employer’s Contribution Declaration.
  7. Drafting – submission of main and supplementary insurance fund contributions.
  8. Payroll processing for foreign personnel or senior executives.
  9. Your company’s participation in subsidized employment programs through OAED.
  10. Representation of your company at the Labor Inspectorate and against any public service.
  11. Budgeting for payroll costs of the current or next fiscal year.
  12. Calculation of the provision for employee compensation according to your company’s needs in Excel format.