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Tax Services

What is the purpose of your tax planning and management?

The purpose of tax planning and the Tax Services of Triangle – Premium Financial Services, as an integral part of the overall business strategy of a financial unit, is to avoid tax risks and to gain the greatest possible benefit from tax opportunities, always within the limits of applicable laws while taking into account the unique objectives of each business.

When is it preferable within the fiscal year to change Accounting Firms?

There is no issue regarding the timing of changing the Accounting Firm.

What are the benefits of outsourcing the company’s accounting to an external partner?

Outsourcing tasks entails time savings, reduction of operational expenses, improved business operation and organization, and focus on vital areas. Additionally, a company can, through outsourcing, test, integrate, and utilize innovative applications in its operations, leveraging cooperation with the service provider company, something that would be challenging for a small to medium-sized enterprise to achieve internally. Our Company, through this pioneering service, offers your company the opportunity to have a well-organized system of accounting and tax services at a relatively low cost.

Indicative benefits:

  • Significant reduction of operational costs.
  • Experience & specialization of the external consultant.
  • Liberation of resources for your business to focus on its core activities.
  • Quality improvement through new technologies.
  • Support from a large team of specialists in their field, such as: Labor Lawyers, Accountants, Tax Technicians, Lawyers, ESPA consultants, who operate as a Team.